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Wasabi Wallet’s Latest Software Upgrade Restores Coin Control Feature, Enhancing Privacy

United States, 14th Apr 2023 – Wasabi Wallet, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency wallet, has recently released a software upgrade that reinstates its popular coin control feature. This feature allows users to have greater control over how their coins are used in transactions, enhancing their privacy and security.
The coin control feature in Wasabi Wallet allows users to selectively choose which coins they want to use in a transaction, giving them the ability to specify which coins are used as inputs and outputs. This helps users to avoid coin merges and consolidations, which can potentially reveal their transaction history and compromise their privacy.
The decision to reinstate the coin control feature in Wasabi Wallet’s latest software upgrade comes as a response to feedback from the community, who expressed their desire for increased privacy features. Wasabi Wallet has always been known for its commitment to privacy, and the restoration of the coin control feature is a testament to that commitment.
With the coin control feature now available in Wasabi Wallet, users can easily manage their coins and have full control over their transaction outputs, making it even more challenging for third parties to track and trace their transactions. This added layer of privacy is particularly important for those who prioritize anonymity and confidentiality in their cryptocurrency transactions.
In addition to the coin control feature, Wasabi Wallet’s latest software upgrade also includes other privacy-enhancing improvements, such as improved coin selection algorithms and transaction fee management. These updates further strengthen Wasabi Wallet’s reputation as a leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency wallet.
As the use of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, so does the need for robust privacy features to protect users’ identities and transaction history. Wasabi Wallet’s reinstatement of the coin control feature in its latest software upgrade is a significant step towards empowering users with enhanced privacy options and further cementing its position as a top choice for privacy-conscious cryptocurrency users.



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