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Financial Freedom and Creativity: Durian Network and the Mission to Revolutionize DeFi

From its early beginnings, Durian Network has quickly established itself as a leading DeFi platform on the Sui Network. Our goal is not just to create traditional DeFi products and services, but also to reshape how users interact and participate in the DeFi ecosystem.

Maintaining a Pioneering Position

As a special strategic partner of the Sui Network, Durian Network aims to become a pioneer in developing the DeFi ecosystem on the Sui Network. The initial success of Durian Network is demonstrated by its ownership of a validator pool with a stake of up to 112 million SUI. Durian Network also expands its partnership with top platforms such as Binance, Solana, Near, and Fantom, demonstrating its strategic role in promoting the development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and consolidating its status as a strategic partner that cannot be underestimated.

Expanding Strategic Partnerships

With a long-term vision, the developers of Durian Network recognize the importance of fostering collaborative relationships with other projects within the Sui Network to achieve their set goals. Durian Network has implemented special joint venture collaboration strategies, including partnerships with notable names such as:

  • Umi Protocol: a rising star as a leading DEX aggregator tool on Sui.
  • Cetus: A pioneer DEX & concentrated liquidity protocol focusing on the Move ecosystem.
  • OpenZeppelin: a prominent name in blockchain security, known for their comprehensive approach and collaboration on security.
  • SuiNS: a revolutionary concept that allows users to register their own names on the blockchain.
  • YouSUI: a reputable DeFi project, developing various cross-chain decentralized products such as Launchpad, Swap, Staking, Bridge, Governance, NFT Marketplace, and Social Platform.
  • Suiet Wallet: a versatile digital wallet on the Sui Network. Suiet Wallet is not just a place to store digital assets; it also serves as a gateway to explore the world of NFTs and DApps within the application.
  • OmniBTC: a DeFi platform that connects all liquidity across chains by utilizing interaction protocols like L0, Wormhole, and Celer Network.
    Sui Bears: a unique and limited NFT collection, building a thriving metaverse on Sui. Each Sui Bear is not only a unique NFT artwork in design but also provides access to the Super Bear World.
  • Supra: primarily focused on building native cross-chain solutions and providing oracle data feeds on over 40 networks.

Roadmap & Vision

According to Durian Network’s roadmap, in June 2024, the ecosystem will launch its Launchpad. As we all know, Launchpad is an essential part of any ecosystem, alongside DEXs. It is where potential projects are nurtured and serves as an effective tool to attract TVL and funds. Currently, Durian Network owns multiple validators and staking pools on various platforms. With its dense network and close relationships not only with platforms but also with large investment funds, it is highly likely that high-quality projects will be launched on Durian Network’s Launchpad.

We can see a smart strategy in Durian Network’s roadmap, as they cleverly use the new SIP#6 protocol to solve the challenging problem of allowing users with limited capital to stake SUI. This not only supports the community in solving complex problems but also grabs attention and interest from the community. Through the SIP#6 protocol, SUI Network enables users to receive derivative tokens, enhancing liquidity and flexibility. Users can freely trade and utilize these derivative tokens within the DeFi ecosystem. For example, if you stake 10,000 SUI, you can receive 10,000 stSUI, which can be used for trading or lending within the SUI ecosystem while your initial 10,000 SUI remains staked. With its network in the blockchain industry and significant community interest, the launch of the Launchpad will be a major boost for the ecosystem. However, to retain users, a larger piece of the pie is needed, and the practicality of the ecosystem’s applications must be a priority.

Instead of focusing on DeFi 2.0 like the majority of other ecosystems, after launching the Durian launchpad, the focus has shifted towards the initiation of the Metaverse. This strategic move was carefully calculated, as SUI Network is also concentrating on building components related to NFTs and Marketplaces. Currently, Durian has collaborated with several projects in this domain, notable examples being Xtreme (a high-download game project) and SCity Metaverse (a well-funded Metaverse project that has garnered significant attention within the Asian community).

With its bold vision and unwavering commitment to continuous improvement, Durian Network will harness its full potential to build and expand the DeFi ecosystem, aiming to become an emblem of innovation and growth in the digital world.

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